Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So ...

There's this commercial that comes on, usually during the evening news -- an advertisement for hair-restoral for balding men. Every time that commercial would come on Abby would look at the TV then look at me then look at the TV and then at me again and say, "Daddy you need that, huh?" Whereupon I would patiently explain the fact that Daddy is not bald, he just keeps his hair cut very close because that's the way that he likes it. It took weeks for her to get it -- every time we would see the commercial we would have the same conversation.

An then, a couple of nights ago, the commercial came on and Abby looked at the TV then looked at me and ... didn't say anything. Victory! But a few minutes later a commercial advertising hair dye for men came on. "Daddy, you would need that if you had some hair."

Yeah ... okay ... you got me, kid.


Suesjoy said...


She has YOUR sense of humor, I see!

(I bet Shemetra is funny too though...).

I have to meet you and yours SOON!
(I will be in Mass around this time next year,actually).

~VanO~ said...

You're right ... I guess what goes around REALLY does come around.

And, YES ... "please come to Boston for the spring time!" Or fall, anytime ... just let us know and we will hang out for sure!!

VallyP said...

Oh brilliant, Van, your daughter's really smart! Great sense of humour from one so young. Guess she must tale after her daddy!