Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Too Much Nickelodeon!

So ...I had two dreams last night/this morning. In the first, I was in my high school caferteria waiting in line with my tray. It was fish sticks day ... I LOVE fishsticks. Only the line was extra long mainly because the caf was staffed by all the characters from my daughter's favorite tv shows -- Dora the Explorer, Blue, Spongebob etc. Just as I got to the front of the line, Dora came in and took the last 9 fishsticks. Now, girfriend probably deserved them ... it's difficult to bus tables in a crowded caferteria when you're two and a half feet tall and one-dimensional ... but I was LIVID. I took a cup of luke warm gravy which had suddenly appeared in my hand and threw it in her face.I woke up horrified at my behavior... but not too horrified to go back to sleep ...Whereupon I had another dream. This time, I was in a hotel, screaming at a housekeeper who was taking to long to make my bed and pick-up my used towels ... and did I mention that she didn't have any HANDS!!!
Now, I don't usually take dreams too seriously, but there seems to be a theme developing here. It might just have been the teaspoon a chocolate cake frosting I snuck out of the fridge at 3:00AM, but I must entertain the distinct possibility that someone we know needs to renew his Chill Pill perscription!

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~VanO~ said...

And speaking of dreams ... the other day Shemetra and I were talking about a guy we knew in New Orleans but neither of us could remember his name. We remembered everything about him except his name. That night I dreamed that Shemetra was being nominated for the Vice-Presidency of the United States (this was induced, no doubt, by my Palin anxiety)and the guy who introduced her was none other than this cat from New Orleans. Over the convention loudspeaker I heard, "ladies and gentleman, now coming to the podium is --" And it was this dudes name.
So maybe there's more to dreams than I thought!