Monday, December 28, 2009

Blogging is Boggling ...

The picture has nothing to do really with what I wanted to post ... it's just one that I like. Only thing Sister Baby asked for this Christmas -- a globe. Guess you can take that two ways EITHER she didn't want very much OR she wanted the whole world. You know the kid -- whatta you think?

So I'm rethinking my whole blogging strategy and here's what I've come up with. Right now I have three separate blogs ( this is the only one I've been actively using ... and we use the word "active" very loosely it having been a month of Sundays since i last posted anything). I had originally intended to use the blog in three different ways:

  1. As a sort of a diary ... keeping track of my thoughts, ideas, activities and opinions and taling about my family and friends. Reminiscing, daydreaming, venting ... you know, that kind of thing.
  2. As a way of thinking about (re-thinking) my religious life ... where my faith is, where it has been where it's going (if there's any left, that is).
  3. A writers notebook where I put down all the ideas I have for stories and characters.

So what I'm thinking now is that I'd like to continue that, but I'll pursue each topic in it's own blog. This'll be the diary blog. A-Funny-Thing-Happened-on-the-Way-to-Emmaus will be the religious one. And The-Autobiography-of-Uncle-Skunk will be the writer's notebook.

And that there is about as close as I'll get to making a New Year's Resolution. Write, write, write ... I need to try harder to keep my mind from becoming a fossil.

And here's another danger I need to avoid -- I feel myself sliding alomost irresistably into the mean-old-man mode in my life. I even said "dag-nabbit" the other day in front of Sister Baby (who immediately cautioned me to watch my language). Seriously, though ... I find myself forgetting or (even worse) deciding not to be ... well ... just kind to people. I certainly don't want to be THAT guy so, to that end, one more resolution two words:


Hold me to it, will ya.

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VallyP said...

With.... Constant Vigilance, Van

I shall look forward to reading more of your blogs this year, and will try to follow your writer's blog too. Thanks for coming back!