Saturday, June 13, 2009

"I don't hate Balboa -- I pity the fool ..."

So, by way of confession, let me just say that I LOVE THIS MOVIE!
I know, there is nothing good about it from an artistic standpoint ... it was arguably the end of the Sylvester Stallone's acting career and the beginning of his downward spiral toward the grunting, mumbling action hero muscle-head.
Watched it again this week ... okay, let's be honest. I watched it TWICE this week. And here's the thing ... not only do I watch it but I get misty-eyed when I watch it. It's like I'm a crack-head but the Rock I'm addicted to is a juiced-up make-believe boxer named Balboa.
This movie shamelessly displays all the worst things about the 80's ... the clothes, the music. But I can't help myself. I have even addicted my poor daughter who now will not enter the bathroom in the morning to brush her teeth unless hum the Rocky fanfare:
Dah di-di dah di-di dah dah dah,
Dah di-di dah di-di dah dah dah,
Dah di-di dah di dah di dah,
Bam baaaaaam!
Oh no ... I'm jonesin' again. Yo, Adriennnnnnnne!
Somebody please help me ... recommend me a movie with subtitles or foreign accents or an actual plot. Have some pity on this fool!

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VallyP said...

LOL Van...have you ever seen Local Hero? If not, I think you should try it...I rather think you'd like the quirky humour...and it's about as old as Rocky ;-)